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Building Collapse

Image © 2008, Ingelbert Lievaart II || A recent partial collapse doomed a King William Street heritage building to be scheduled for a gradual demolition with intentions to save ornamental windows and fixtures for future reconstruction. Saturday afternoon workers in the rear of the building were notified by passersby that pieces were falling from the front of the building. After a closer inspection it was decided that the building must be taken down immediately. Police blocked traffic while crews prepared hoses to reduce dust as an excavator carefully demolished the front facade. At the same time two workers in a basket brought down the remaining side brick walls by hand. With little effort the bricks dramatically came apart

Lanes Closed on Burgoyne Bridge

Another Police investigation, person in crisis, reported near Burgoyne Bridge. All Southbound lanes closed as well as Highway 406 Southbound at Fourth Avenue.

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NewsArchive -St.Paul at Dexter Collision

On the scene at St.Paul and Dexter Street Collision in St. Catharines, one taken to hospital so far, possibly involving a pedestrian.

Wilson Street Structure Fire

Howie Mandel at Western Fair

Comedian Howie Mandel was one of the internationally acclaimed stars
that graced the stage of the Grandstand during the 10 days of this
year’s Western Fair.

Drumer Girl in Storybook Gardens

September 6, 2004, London This Week

Ingelbert Lievaart II, Special to London This Week

Audience member 4-year-old Emily Drummond of Dundas was picked to be one of 10 participants on the stage during a drumming demonstration led by acclaimed percussionist Rob LaRose. The all ages Monday afternoon acitivty was part of Storybook Gardens’ long weekend “World Beat Drum Festival”. For more information about upcoming events at Storybook Gardens please visit their website at