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Posts from the ‘Community News’ Category

Agriplex Opening

After assisting with the opening ceremonies, Minister of Agriculture,
Steve Peters had his cake and ice cream too, September 10, celebrating
the new Agriplex at the Western Fair.

Minister of agriculture, Steve Peters having his cake at the Agriplex opening, September 10 2004 at the Western Fair

Drumer Girl in Storybook Gardens

September 6, 2004, London This Week

Ingelbert Lievaart II, Special to London This Week

Audience member 4-year-old Emily Drummond of Dundas was picked to be one of 10 participants on the stage during a drumming demonstration led by acclaimed percussionist Rob LaRose. The all ages Monday afternoon acitivty was part of Storybook Gardens’ long weekend “World Beat Drum Festival”. For more information about upcoming events at Storybook Gardens please visit their website at